Dear Icelanders,

We write to you in the name of most tourists from civilized world.
For the tourists the main problem is that your beautiful country is closed practically for those tourists who travel with pets. These pets are not dirty or wild creatures. They are clean and healthy people's friends.

In other civilized countries each dog or cat has to be vaccinated each year. Before driving abroad each pet obtain special documents from official veterinary staff. Now each pet obtains special microchip under skin. These animals are hundreds times more safe, clean and healthy than wild birds which go to Iceland each year without any control.
Modern societies should not fear clean and healthy pets, which are a treasure for their owners.

We think that your tourism industry looses millions of dollars each year because of your strange animals law. Many tourists with pets do not decide to visit Iceland, because they love their animals and they do not want to leave pets at home.

If you are afraid that some tourists will leave their pets ownerless on Iceland, you may introduce special deposit for tourists with pets (for example 5000 ISK per animal). You may also establish special tax (for example 2000 ISK per animal). So you will have got funds for any ownerless animals and you will have got more profits from tourism. Many good customers (tourists) will arrive to Iceland with their pets. These pets need additional food and accessories so your industry earn more money.

It is also known that people who possess and love animals, are more friendly towards others...
Home pets are not dangerous, they do not convey any diseases and in the XXIst century it is normal for anybody to travel with four-footed friends.
Even Great Britain - other island nation in Atlantic region - changed their law and British government latterly has permitted foreign tourists to take their animals if the animals have got a microchip under skin.

So we appeal to you, dear Citizens and Government of Iceland, to change your law about traveling in Iceland with pets.

Best regards

Iceland Lovers
with their dogs, cats and other pets

If you have any suggestion, please contact us: pets @@
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